One Response to Is Gay Marriage a Threat to Traditional Marriage?
  1. Rob Mitchell

    I firmly believe that LGBT marriage should be a normal part of our society because: I know/have known many men, (including myself), who got married simply because it was what was expected, or because they thought that was the ONLY way to have a long-term, loving, even romantic relationship. Since the 80’s, I’ve seen many of my friends get divorced, annulled, or simply separated from their wives to pursue a loving relationship with another man; many of whom they had been seeing on the side for decades. I even know 1 couple married for 60+ years, but “Uncle Phillip” had been in the picture since WW II. My point is: maybe gay marriage will affect traditional marriage by stopping men (& women) from marrying the WRONG people for the sake of society, or staying married “for the sake of the children”. After all, most children aren’t stupid; they can often identify a gay parent quickly. To a kid: who your parents are is important, what your parent(s) is/are is NOT. “Your Dad is a fag” is about as important to a kid as “Your Mother wears combat boots.” Sometimes he is & sometimes she does.
    If heterosexual marriage is so great, why is the divorce/abandonment rate so much higher than the divorce/separation rate of LGBT couples?

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