Where Does Morality Come From?

Is it possible to have a foundation for moral beliefs without appealing to Scripture? John Corvino argues that it is, making a plea for humility from all parties in the debate. At the same time, he challenges his fellow liberals to reject the claim that “morality is a private matter.”

2 Responses to Where Does Morality Come From?
  1. Ian Coleman

    Well, I tried to find something wrong with this lecture but I couldn’t. No mistakes in reasoning at all that I can find.

    On a personal note, my morality came from Mom and Dad. It is amazing how their notions of right and wrong and God’s are congruent. I can’t do a thing that they would have disapproved of, and they died many years ago.

    Mom and Dad thought the homosexuality was depraved, but they also thought it was profoundly immoral to hurt homosexuals just for being homosexual. That’s about where I am too.

  2. Jerry Sloan

    John, I think you missed a valuable teaching lesson by not linking Western morality to the ancient codes especially the Code of Hammurabi which preceded the Laws of Moses by hundreds of years.

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