Fall 2014 dates will be posted soon!


Recent appearances:

January 16: pre-show talk at Hilberry Theatre production of Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde

January 17: University of Virginia, “The Meaning of (Gay) Marriage” (POSTPONED)

January 27: University of Michigan Law School (debate with Sherif Girgis)

February 6: California State University-Long Beach

February 14: Michigan State University

March 26: University of Southern Indiana

March 31: University of Pennsylvania Law School (panel with Sherif Girgis and Trevor Burrus)

April 2: Northern Michigan University

April 3: University of California-Merced

April 22: Princeton University (Visit to Prof. Robert George’s class with Sherif Girgis)

April 24 & 25: Providence College

May 17: Contemporary Couples Conference: Austin, TX

June 3: Central Washington University

As always, you can contact Gina Kirkland to schedule an event.