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The Use of Experts

People are often mistrustful of authority these days. John Corvino explains why – and to what extent – expertise matters.

The Principle of Charity

Why should we give people the benefit of the doubt when assessing their arguments, instead of setting up “straw men” (or “straw persons”)? John Corvino explains the principle of charity.

False Dilemma

John Corvino explains the fallacy of false dilemma, in which an argument forces a conclusion while leaving key options off the table.


John Corvino explains the fallacy of equivocation, wherein the meaning of a term shifts mid-argument.

The Fact/Opinion Distinction

Lots of people have tried to explain the difference between facts and opinions. John Corvino explains why the distinction is messy and not very useful.

Ad Hominem

What does it mean for an argument to be “ad hominem,” and why is that bad? John Corvino explains.


John Corvino explains philosopher Daniel Dennett’s concept of “Deepities”—claims that look deep, but only because they’re ambiguous.