John at NYT “Room for Debate” on Gay/Trans Connection

  At the New York Times “Room for Debate,” John argues that gay rights and transgender rights are related but distinct: Each group has distinctive needs and challenges. By jumbling them all together into one alphabet soup — L.G.B.T.Q.I.T.S.L.F.A.A., anyone? — we run the risk of covering or erasing people’s experiences, especially those who are… Continue reading John at NYT “Room for Debate” on Gay/Trans Connection

Response to the Cancellation of my Providence College Lecture

Back in February of this year I was extended an invitation to speak at Providence College, a Catholic college in Rhode Island.  We agreed on a September 26 lecture date, and in the intervening months, I have corresponded regularly with the philosophy professor who had initially contacted me. As I understood it, my invitation was… Continue reading Response to the Cancellation of my Providence College Lecture

Thank you, BookPeople

My gratitude to BookPeople in Austin, Texas for a delightful event on July 30. BookPeople has hosted a signing for each of my three books (including my 1997 anthology). Support your local bookseller!

John on FOX2 Detroit

John appeared recently on the Fox2 Detroit Morning Show with Alan Lee to talk about his upcoming booksigning, Roy Hibbert’s use of “No homo,” and other matters. Watch the full interview here.

GoodAsYou Interview

Jeremy Hooper at interviews me about my collaboration with evil supervillain Maggie Gallagher. (At least, that’s how some of his readers see her.) It was a nice opportunity to respond to some criticisms I receive frequently. Check out the full interview here.

New Video Series!

The current debate over same-sex marriage, at the U.S. Supreme Court and elsewhere, has revived the moral debate over same-sex relationships. Despite tremendous social and political progress, LGBT people—and especially, vulnerable LGBT youth—continue to face objections to the way they experience love and affection. In this new video series John Corvino addresses these objections with… Continue reading New Video Series!