Homosexuality & the Race Analogy

Many LGBT rights advocates have drawn inspiration from the civil rights movement for African-Americans. In response, social conservatives often object that the analogy is illegitimate, because race is “non-behavioral” whereas homosexuality is a “chosen lifestyle.” Here John Corvino explains why this response misunderstands the nature of racism, the nature of homophobia, and the connections between… Continue reading Homosexuality & the Race Analogy

Born This Way?

John Corvino neither knows nor cares whether he was born gay. In this video he explains how the obsession with “born this way” depends on scientific and moral confusion.

Anal Sex

John Corvino addresses those who seem to think there’s nothing more to gay sex than anal sex and explains how squeamish visceral reactions can sometimes masquerade as moral judgments.

Where Does Morality Come From?

Is it possible to have a foundation for moral beliefs without appealing to Scripture? John Corvino argues that it is, making a plea for humility from all parties in the debate. At the same time, he challenges his fellow liberals to reject the claim that “morality is a private matter.”

Love the Sinner / Hate the Sin

John Corvino explains the problem with the standard “Love the Sinner/Hate the Sin” line, while also rejecting simplistic distinctions between homosexual orientation and homosexual conduct. He concludes with a message to religious conservatives who want to express their love for LGBT people while still maintaining that same-sex relations are sinful.