Against Obsessive Celibacy

John replies to Michael Hannon’s startling response to “Thinking Straight” at Commonweal: You don’t have to be a “libertine” to recognize that what the young boy is experiencing is not just a really, really, really strong desire for friendship. More important, you don’t have to be a libertine to acknowledge that willful blindness to what… Continue reading Against Obsessive Celibacy

“Thinking Straight?” at Commonweal

At Commonweal, John explains how a little queer theory (misunderstood and misapplied) can be a dangerous thing: What social conservatives want is nothing less than to dismantle the very vocabulary by which we express and realize our inchoate longings for intimacy. They want to push us back to a time when homosexuality was not merely… Continue reading “Thinking Straight?” at Commonweal