‘Safe’ Doesn’t Mean ‘Shut Up’

First published at 365gay.com on August 21, 2009 A friend writes, “I’m coordinating a safe-space training at [an urban public university]. One participant stated that she felt she was a strong ally, but her religious beliefs dictate that homosexuality is a sin. What should I do? Can I deny her a safe-space sticker, or ask… Continue reading ‘Safe’ Doesn’t Mean ‘Shut Up’

We’ve still got far to go

First published at 365gay.com on July 31, 2009 I’m not usually a touchy-feely, share-your-emotions, “Trust the Process” kind of guy. I’m a philosophy professor. I revel in cold, hard logic. So it was with some trepidation that I signed up as a faculty member for Campus Pride’s annual summer Leadership Camp—which, since it was mostly… Continue reading We’ve still got far to go

That’s How I Was Raised

First published at Between the Lines News on June 11, 2009 A recent New York Times Magazine article spotlighted a shocking vestige of our nation’s racism: segregated proms. It focused on one school in Georgia’s Montgomery County, though the practice is common across the rural South. I say “shocking” even though I personally wasn’t surprised.… Continue reading That’s How I Was Raised

Diversity and Discrimination

First published at Between The Lines News on February 26, 2009 I’ve been a member of the American Philosophical Association (APA) for about fifteen years. I go to the annual meetings, I get the publications, and I peruse the frightfully scarce listings in “Jobs for Philosophers.” Last week a colleague sent me a petition addressed… Continue reading Diversity and Discrimination

Blaming Larry King?

First published at 365gay.com on August 4, 2008 A recent Newsweek article (“Young, Gay and Murdered”) about Lawrence King—the cross-dressing gay 14-year-old fatally shot by a classmate last February—has prompted many accusations of “blaming the victim.” In it author Ramin Setoodeh asks: How do you protect legitimate, personal expression while preventing inappropriate, sometimes harmful, behavior?… Continue reading Blaming Larry King?

Keep Talking

First published at 365gay.com on April 28, 2008 Back in the old days, there were those who supported gay rights and those who opposed them—vocally. There was also a third group whose opposition was so deep that they objected even to discussing the issue. For them, to debate gay rights would be to dignify depravity,… Continue reading Keep Talking

Richardson was Right (Sort Of)

First published at 365gay.com on August 20, 2007 It seemed like a softball question at first. During LOGO’s August 10 gay-rights forum for the Democratic presidential candidates, panelist (and rock star) Melissa Etheridge asked New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, “Do you think homosexuality is a choice, or is it biological?” Richardson, who has a strong… Continue reading Richardson was Right (Sort Of)