Coming Out Later

My latest at HuffPo, on coming out of the closet a bit later in life: Perhaps the most important lesson is that people come out at all ages….It’s not as if the popularity of Glee means that, from now on, all LGBT folk will come out as teens, surrounded by a supportive, talented and ridiculously… Continue reading Coming Out Later

Frank Kameny: A Personal Remembrance

First published at Between the Lines News on October 20, 2011 I was in San Francisco when I received the news, about to go on stage to deliver a National Coming Out Day lecture. A friend texted me: “Frank Kameny passed away today.” The godfather of the gay rights movement was felled by a heart… Continue reading Frank Kameny: A Personal Remembrance

Farewell to Readers

First published at on June 24, 2011 This column marks the end of my weekly contribution to It’s been a good run, and I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you and farewell. I’ve been a columnist since 2002, when I started contributing to Between the Lines, Michigan’s LGBT newspaper. Those… Continue reading Farewell to Readers

Gay Man in the Jury Box

First published at on June 10, 2011 “Are you married?” It seems like a simple question. But on closer glance, much depends on context. In this case, the context was jury duty. I was Candidate #13, sitting in the box during “voir dire,” the process wherein the judge and attorneys ask questions in order… Continue reading Gay Man in the Jury Box

The Trouble with “Don’t Say Gay”

First published at on May 27, 2011 Not long ago I encountered an old acquaintance while waiting in an airport for a flight. He noticed that I looked tan—I had recently been to Mexico—so we started chatting about vacations. “Have you ever been on a cruise?” he asked. “Not since I was a teenager,”… Continue reading The Trouble with “Don’t Say Gay”

So, you Think I’m a Sell-Out?

First published at on April 29, 2011 In response to my last column [’t-say/], a reader comments, “I’m sorry, but every time I read anything by Corvino I can’t help but think ‘What a sell-out!’ I personally don’t see him as helping our community at all. He is an apologist and I for one… Continue reading So, you Think I’m a Sell-Out?

The Meaning of Transgender

First published at on April 15, 2011 A friend recently asked, “Do you ever have doubts about the whole transgender thing?” My friend has a habit of referring to anything she hasn’t wrapped her mind around as a “thing,” which has the unfortunate effect of making whatever it is sound like a trend or… Continue reading The Meaning of Transgender

Why I’m Proud that Detroit is my Home

First published at on March 25, 2011 I’ve been in Mexico for the last few weeks. I’ve met people from all over North America, who occasionally ask me where I’m from. In the past, such conversations have often gone like this: Me: “I’m from Detroit.” Stranger: “No, really, where are you from?” Me: “Detroit.”… Continue reading Why I’m Proud that Detroit is my Home